Develop, deploy
and certificate

Shorten your development time and get trusted by getting zocaalo seal.

Ensure the suitability of your applications by relying on the zocaalo DevTools. You will foster AAL application development by using the provided building blocks and usability guidelines.

The zocaalo certification seal will add a reliability layer on top of your applications.

Relatives, caregivers and professionals will find in zocaalo a marketplace that offers the most suitable and trusted applications oriented to elderly people.

your solution

Make your solution reliable by getting zocaalo certification seal.

Get advice on the regulations that have to be fulfilled in EU member states and therefore faciliate the widespread uptake of your solution.

An automatic certification process will search for usability and accessibility rules to be fulfilled by analysing application source code and user interfaces.

End-user-oriented organizations and external qualified professionals are involved in zocaalo to verify what elderly people need and those perspectives are taken into account within the certification platform.

Tools for

Building blocks and usability guidelines oriented to elderly people

Ease your elderly-people-oriented application development with the DevTools Suite by including ready-to-use building blocks that cover the most common use cases in the construction of mobile applications.

Take a look at the usability and accessibility guides provided, context-specific, and validated with end-users and caregivers organizations, to strengthen the design of your applications and ease its usage.


Foster the widespread uptake of applications

Caregivers and end-users organizations, professionals and developers will find in zocaalo marketplace reliable, accessible and easy-to-use AAL apps with the trust that the zocaalo seal provides.

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