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zocaalo partners’ meeting in Bilbao

    All partners of the zocaalo project met on January 19th to advance the development of the project in its different aspects.

    The overall scope of the project was revised to focus efforts towards the creation of a platform that could support a market segment that would bring together apps developers, ICT companies and the AAL community.

    The platform zocaalo consists on a marketplace of applications oriented to the elderly where a certification process allows to determine if an application is valid and usable for older people, basing the decision on different criteria and dimensions and granting the seal of confidence zocaalo in case of surpassing the process.

    To facilitate the creation of usable and accessible applications, zocaalo provides building blocks that shorten development times by solving the most recurring design and usability problems.

    In addition, there is an application launcher available in Google Play that will allow launch applications published in the marketplace of zocaalo.

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