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Zocaalo introduced at Aging Bilbao event

    Iñaki Bartolomé, from Ideable Solutions, took advantage of his presentation at the Aging Bilbao event to present the zocaalo project.

    Cofunded by the AAL programme, zocaalo is a set of utilities that seek to reach a widespread uptake of mobile applications oriented to the elderly.

    The audience that attended the event was able to know firsthand general project services and tools such as:

    • The availability of a set of building blocks and accessibility and usability guides for the developers of apps.
    • The specific field marketplace that allows developers to obtain a greater diffusion of the solutions developed.
    • A consultancy on the regulation of the EU member states to be fulfilled in order to obtain the relevant certifications.
    • The certification process that validates applications as a solution valid for the elderly against a meta-model verified with end-users organizations and experts in the field (external to the project). This certification process grants, if successfully passed, the seal of confidence of zocaalo.


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