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Celebrated in Madrid the first zocaalo AAL2Business Workshop

    Partners of zocaalo project received Business Coaching Session (AAL2BUSINESS) last 4th of May with the coordination of Pasi Pussinen, Business Renewal in Organizations and Networks expert in VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.


    The workshop was focused on the business model design, value proposition design and business model testing of zocaalo. Some important aspects were explained for a success model like routes for commercialization where understanding options for commercialization of project results and identify preferred commercialization route were main objectives for the partnership.


    Different business tools were applied to define zocaalo results like a preliminary zocaalo Canvas Model, ownership identifications, commercializations channels and income models.


    Partners collaborate to define initial business roadmap and received different guidelines for continuous business development to work in the second half of the project.


    It was a collaborative work were different value propositions were developed by partner´s representatives for a continuous improvement of future project commercial results.


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