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zocaalo presented in Ageing Fit 2018

    Ideable has presented zocaalo in the Ageing Fit event that was held in Coimbra (Portugal, October 2-4).

    Ageing Fit 2018

    Ageing Fit 2018

    Ideable presented the zocaalo project in its stand, receiving feedback from many companies, especially from:

    • Public organizations interested in certified apps for the elderly users.
    • Startups that need a certified seal of accessibility for the eldercare sector.
    • End users’ organizations willing to be a part of our testing and co-creation ecosystem.
    zocaalo stand

    zocaalo stand

    In addition, Iñaki Bartolomé, CEO at Ideable, participated as a speaker in the innovation area that took part in the second day of the event, talking about the present and future features of zocaalo platform:

    • We presented the coming webinar that will take place in April for all stakeholders interested in participating in zocaalo.
    • We invited all startups and developers to submit their apps during this year for free and get our feedback and our seal as «Certified app by zocaalo».


    Ageing Fit is the top European business convention, focused on innovation in the Silver Economy sector, which in this, the second edition of which will be held in the French city of Nice.

    During this event, different companies presented products and services displaying the latest innovations in the Silver Economy market. Over 700 participants from all over Europe met here, representing the different agents that make up the sector: business model experts, elderly care organizations, health insurance companies, European public bodies, etc.

    Innovation and the application of technology in elderly care were of particular importance throughout the event due to the full activity programme designed by the organization, including one-to-one business meetings, conferences and roundtable discussions, along with a large exhibition area that will make this convention Europe’s main Silver Economy event.