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zocaalo in the INNOV-AGING Italian event for Silver Economy



    Our partner COOSS was one of the organizers of the INNOV-AGING event held in Ancona (Italy) on the 21-23 of June.


    COOSS presented zocaalo as an opportunity for software developers to certify the apps they are developing for the Silver Economy.


    And apart from that, they can also receive help on how to properly design apps for this target and even appear in our marketplace as a better way to reach new clients.


    COOS INNOV-AGING interview

    Innov-Aging is the first Expo Meeting in Italy totally dedicated to the latest innovations of the Silver Market, with particular attention to the sectors: Economics-Finance, Health-Wellness and Technology.


    Innov-Aging intends to be a catalyst of feed-back between sector operators, companies and innovative start-ups – which combines the exhibition with a moment of training, debate and analysis, a 360 ° approach to promote the presentation of products and services and stimulate the creation of business partnerships and co-makers.

    COOSS, our partner, attended as organizer and exhibitor to present zocaalo.

    COOSS is an Italian social cooperative involved in social, healthcare, welfare and education services, for all those who request or need them: from infants to elderly people, from immigrants to students. In zocaalo COOSS has focused on testing certified solutions and defining the testing methodology that should be used under our certification process.