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About the project

What is Zocaalo?

Zocaalo is a platform to facilitate widespread uptake of certified, accesible and easy-to-use AAL applications.

Zocaalo consists on an application marketplace, developer tools, and a certification seal for those looking for elderly-people-oriented trusted applications.

Who is it focused on?

Zocaalo offers help for developers that want to create Android apps for elderly people.

Zocaalo supports relatives, caregivers and professionals with an easy-to-use selection of applications, too.

Zocaalo Platform

Consisting on a certification seal, DevTools (building blocks and usability guidelines) and European regulatory & business assistance, Zocaalo makes it possible to build accessible, trusted and high quality applications for elderly people, fulfilling required regulation in EU member states and increasing the diffusion of the applications in a specific context marketplace.

Join us and get your app tested by end-user organizations all around Europe!!!!